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Tetra engages in knowledge co-creation through participatory action research, top-down and bottom-up design-based research, and practice-led research. Our team endeavors to develop synergies between different stakeholders and promote forward-looking thinking and effective solutions on areas of strategic importance to Europe, such as digital transformation, green economy, sustainable development, active citizenship, etc.

Education and Training

Tetra provides non-formal education and training to children, young people and adults making it accessible for all (incl. people in remote areas and with low socio-economic status, marginalised youngsters, handicapped, migrants, minorities and unemployed). We create a full spectrum of solutions focused on innovating education and educating innovators, thus helping people to develop knowledge, values and skills to fully engage in the civic, political and economic life in Europe and across the world. These include educational materials, tools and training programmes that can empower students, educators, enterprise’ managers and employees to reach peak performance in their sphere of development, as well as enhance the employment of marginalized groups. In addition, our eLearning designers follow instructional design best practices giving them a birds-eye view of all major components that have to be included in the training courses, so as to provide personalized learning pathways. To promote state-of-the-art and inclusive educational solutions, we coordinate our work with key stakeholders representing industry and business, education and research institutions, non-profit organizations and community groups.

Business and Technology

Tetra bridges the gap between business and technology drawing inspiration from technology management tenets. We believe that the ability to deliver quality products and services depends on the quality and effectiveness of business processes—both from a workflow and technology perspective. We bring a diverse portfolio of industry-leading recommendations and support the development, delivery and implementation of multiple high-impact solutions to help business organizations increase their efficiency and create competitive advantage in the constantly changing business environment.

Societal Change

Tetra stands for the common belief that by changing the way society accounts for value, the world will turn into a better place for living. Hence, in all our activities, we incorporate the social values of equality, accessibility, inclusion and sustainability. We advocate for: improving wellbeing and building a mentally healthy society for all; raising environmental awareness of the society as regards EU’s transformation into a green, resource-efficient and competitive economy; protecting basic human rights and freedoms; promoting more youth and women violence prevention programs; enhancing social inclusion and integration by welcoming and empowering refugees, asylum seekers and migrants; as well as other social values and matters.