We are a Bulgarian Educational, Research and Consulting Center

Tetra Solutions Ltd. is a fast-growing start-up company specializing in the development of innovative, customized and comprehensive solutions in four main spheres - research, technology, education and society.

We help our clients and partners realize their core ideas through the delivery of a wide range of services, including consultations for public and private organizations as regards European and international funding opportunities, projects development, management and audit, provision of non-formal education and training, career guidance and counselling, socio-economic studies and analyses preparation, consultations in the field of sustainable development and other socially important topics.

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Tetra Solutions

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We Position Our Clients at the Forefront of Their Field by Advanced Services

We develop customized solutions to effectively respond to your needs in the fields of research, education, technology and society.

This way we contribute to incorporating research, education, technology, and social values into the so-called Knowledge Quad, creating synergies for investing in broader knowledge policies at the European, national and local levels.

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