Call for Proposals – “Solutions in the Field of ICT and Cyber Security in SMEs”


Application period: October 17 – December 19, 2022

Total budget: BGN 30 600 000

The current procedure is in implementation of the investment “Economic Transformation Program” to the “Intelligent Industry” component of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The purpose of the procedure is to contribute to accelerating the transition to digitalization of the economy by providing grants for the implementation of information and communication technologies and solutions that ensure an increase in the level of digitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Eligible applicants: Funds will be targeted at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that meet the following mandatory requirements:

1) To be merchants within the meaning of the Commercial Law or the Law on Cooperatives, or to be active law firms within the meaning of the Law on Advocacy.

2) To be registered no later than 31.12.2019.

3) To have realized net sales revenue in total for 2021 financial year depending on the category of the candidate enterprise, as follows:
• for micro enterprises ≥ BGN 41 000.
• for small enterprises ≥ BGN 82 000.
• for medium-sized enterprises ≥ BGN 123 000.

4) To have an average staff number for 2021 that is ≥ 1 employed person.

5) To apply for support for their main economic activity according to the Classification of Economic Activities – KID-2008

6) The main economic activity of the applicant does NOT fall into the following sectors, sections, groups and classes according to KID-2008:
– sector A “Agriculture, forestry and fisheries”;
– sector C “Mining industry”;
– sector C “Processing industry”, section 10 “Production of food products”; and section 11 “Production of beverages”, as follows:

• 10.1. “Meat production and processing; production of meat products, excluding ready meals”;
• 10.2. “Processing and preservation of fish and other aquatic animals, excluding prepared meals”;
• 10.3 “Processing and canning of fruits and vegetables, excluding ready meals”;
• 10.4. “Production of vegetable and animal oils and fats”;
• 10.5. “Production of milk and milk products”;
• 10.6. “Manufacturing of mill products, starch and starch products”;
• 10.81. “Manufacturing of sugar”;
• 10.83. “Processing of coffee and tea”;
• 10.84. “Production of food spices and flavorings”;
• 10.91. “Production of ready-made animal feed”;
• 11.02. “Production of wine from grapes”;
• 11.03. “Manufacture of other fermented beverages”;
• 11.06. “Malt production”.
– sector F “Construction”;
– sector R “Education”;
– sector Q “Human health care and social work”:
• section 87 “Medical-social care with accommodation”;
• section 88 “Social work without accommodation”.
– sector J “Creation and dissemination of information and creative products, telecommunications”:
• section 62 “Activities in the field of information technologies”;
• section 63 “Information services”.
– the fisheries and aquaculture sector regulated by Regulation (EU) No. 1379/2013;
– the sector of the primary production of agricultural products;
– the processing and sale of agricultural products, in the following cases:

• when the amount of aid is determined on the basis of the price or quantity of those products which are purchased from primary producers or placed on the market by the undertakings concerned, or
• when the aid is tied to the obligation to be transferred partially or fully to the primary producers.
– the processing and/or marketing of forest products.

Eligible expenses:
– Group I. ICT services/solutions for digital marketing, platforms, websites and mobile applications;
– Group II. ICT services/solutions for optimization of management, production and logistics processes;
– Group III. ICT services/solutions to ensure cyber security in enterprises.

Amount of the grant:
• minimum amount of the grant: BGN 3 000.
• maximum amount of the grant: BGN 20 000.

Percentage of funding:  100%

Duration of the projects: up to 12 months

If you are interested in applying, contact our team of professionals to guide you through the application process.