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Sustainable quality management - to foster future-proof job skills of HEI learners / PEN-QM

Programme: Erasmus+

Key action: Cooperation partnerships in higher education

Start date: December 1, 2022

End date: November 30, 2024

Duration: 24 months

Coordinator: Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania (www.en.viko.lt)



The main objective of the project is to establish sustainable quality management mechanisms within the Practice Enterprise (PE) to foster future-proof job skills of HEIs’ learners.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Provide HEI learners, teachers and community with new-to-date web-based learning and teaching instrument to practice in gaining Top 10 Jobs skills for the future
  • Explore ways to improve Practice Enterprise activities by updating the wider process of developing innovative models of PE quality
  • Facilitate greater cooperation between HEIs’ Practice Enterprises and other HEIs on Quality, Evaluation and Audits

Key results:

  • Practice Enterprise Activities Evaluation Process Management Guide – External PE activities evaluation methodology
  • Practice Enterprise quality standards and self-assessment tool – Internal PE activities evaluation methodology
  • Sustainable Quality management Platform for higher education institutions and practice enterprise collaboration

Target groups:

  • HEI learners studying finance, economics, accountancy, sales and marketing or majoring in other fields that require TOP 10 Jobs skills for the future
  • HEI teachers and lecturers, whose field of expertise is related to: internal or external audit, quality management, control, monitoring of company processes, evaluation of company activities; business management, incl. sales; communication; marketing; human recourses; finance; IT and digitalization; company social responsibility; sustainable development.
  • Practice Enterprise trainers and all PE network: Practice Enterprises and PE Central Offices
  • Company staff responsible for quality and audits
  • All stakeholders interested in learning about quality, company activities evaluation tools, external and internal audits