Mainstreaming Inclusive Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Education / InnoSocial

Programme: Erasmus+

Key action: Cooperation partnerships in higher education

Start date: November 1, 2022

End date: April 30, 2025

Duration: 30 months

Coordinator: University of Social Sciences, Poland (



The overall objective of the project is to facilitate mainstreaming of Inclusive Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship education and training in universities’ curricula, thus promoting wider integration of the social dimension in the knowledge triangle practices implemented by higher education institutions.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Provide a comprehensive foundation for design and delivery of education in Inclusive Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (II&SE)
  • Contribute to a teaching and learning base in the field of II&SE
  • Improve capacity of HEIs’ academic staff to design and deliver education in II&SE
  • Raise awareness of the role of HEIs in promoting II&SE among key stakeholders

Key results:

  • Toolkit for design & delivery of II&SE education: Guidelines for embedding II&SE education in HEIs’ curricula, teaching “about”, “for” and “through” innovation and entrepreneurship, engaging key stakeholders and measuring impact of II&SE education.
  • 3 ECTS / 75-hour Course in Inclusive Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship: Syllabus and learning materials; the course integrated in the education offer of the partner universities.
  • 1 credit / 25-hour Train the Trainer workshops carried out by all partner organizations.
  • Collection of “lesson learnt” and “success stories” related to mainstreaming of II&SE education in HEIs’ curricula, based on the pilot implementation of the InnoSocial course.
  • Dissemination conferences in all partners’ countries.

Target groups:

Institutional level:

  • Higher education institutions and their schools, departments and structures, such as Innovation Hubs, Entrepreneurship Centres, Business Incubators, Career Offices
  • Other education providers that may be interested in integrating the InnoSocial course (or its parts) in their education and training offers
  • Social economy actors and public bodies, who are interested in cooperation with HEIs in design and delivery of education in Inclusive Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Individual level:

  • University management bodies, research and academic staff, students, recent graduates
  • Representatives of non-formal community groups, incl. excluded, underserved, underrepresented groups, and grassroots innovators, who can be involved in the university-led innovation process
  • Other non-formal learners, interested in the resources developed by the project