European Social Fund+ Programme 2021-2027: Call for proposals

The European Commission has published a Call for proposals under the Employment and Social Innovation (“EaSI”) strand of the European Social Fund (ESF+) programme. 

With a budget of €10 million, the EC aims to support the realization of the European Pillar of Social Rights by funding 15 to 20 projects that develop and test integrated and inclusive social innovation approaches – in schools or training centres, at work or in local communities, or other relevant environments – to foster just green and digital transitions. A wide range of activities are eligible, including:

– identifying and addressing (re-/up-)skilling and (re-)training needs stemming from new, green or digital products, services or technologies;

– fostering social acceptance and/or behavioural changes for more sustainable business models, consumption patterns and/or modes of transport;

– developing sustainability pathways and transformation tools for social economy actors;

– developing tailor solutions to the particular contexts starting from general models, such as the City Doughnut or macro level climate adaptation solutions, to other, business or local environments;

– promoting the implementation of the EPSR principle 20. Essential services, including energy, mobility and digital communications, in the context of the green and digital transitions.

The foreseen results include: Greater uptake of new green and digital technologies; New trainings to endow European citizens to make the most out the green and digital transitions; Increase in social acceptance and ownership for fairer and more sustainable business models; Developed transformation tools for social economy actors; Engagement with local, regional, national authorities, as well as social partners and civil society at large to maximise the impact.

You can find more information on the EU Funding and Tenders Portal, or contact our team to guide you through the Call’s documentation and the application process.

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